Facial Recognition Technology in Professional Photography

The future is here! Are you ready for it? If you can imagine it or you have seen it in a sci-fi movie, there is a good chance someone is actively working on it. Computer vision, computational photography, facial recognition and other forms of artificial intelligence are technologies that have been excitedly discussed for the past decade and have finally come to fruition. Artificial Intelligence (AI if you want to be hip with the lingo) is entering the world of volume sports photography with a bang. Recently, companies, including H&H, have embraced and demonstrated or released facial recognition and other AI capability software services to improve the quality of our service offering to professional photographers and their customers. "Innovate or die" is the battle cry, but this begs the question. When is technology for the sake of technology…


The Elephant in the Room

In recent months, there has been a lot of misleading and contextually inaccurate information being put into the universe about the buying habits of parents in the world of volume school and sports photography. While it is great that this conversation is happening, at H&H Total Schools and Sports, we believe knowledge is power. Without proper context, one might be led to believe that the sky is falling and scramble to make, what we believe, catastrophic changes to both your business and our beloved industry. Today, digital file delivery is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. According to companies like Capturelife and PhotoDay, parents only want mobile apps and online proofing. And a false conclusion that photographers are taking from photo industry SaaS companies’ education, is that parents only want…

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