Fundraising for Sports Organizations

You’re running a business, not a charity.

Offset your contracted commissions with our proven fundraising program. A program where everyone wins. A great alternative to commissions, fundraising allows you to save money and help the team pay for all the sports equipment they need. The organization gets what they need and you, the photographer, make a profit.

Learn about H&H's Commission Replacement Program

Commission replacement gives the school an opportunity to make extra money by offering them the ability to sell a photographic product to their fans. The idea of commission replacement is to offer a set of “discounted” products that will cost the photographer less out-of-pocket than the commission he or she is paying now. The team then sells the product to its fans and supporters to generate sales that will be much greater than the commission from you would have ever been.

H&H Color Lab wants to help photographers be more competitive, save money, and sell more. We think our commission replacement program can do just that! It is a win/win program for sports photographers and the school organization.

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