Picture Day Sales

Making money in sports photography doesn't have to be difficult.

The H&H Total Sports program makes it simple for parents to spend money through our tailored programs and proven processes. We all like easy, don’t we? Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way.

Our proven workflows simplify the process so parents will spend money, which means more cash in your pocket.

Preorder flyers from H&H Color Lab


It all starts with prepay sales. This marketing strategy gives parents more time to decide on the right package. Couple this with a strong call-to-action to buy now and you have a proven recipe for success.

A well-designed prepay flyer is the most effective way to accomplish this. The flyers are distributed before the event is photographed, again, giving parents plenty of time to plan for the packages that best fit their financial and personal needs.

Online Pre-Order

We live in a digital world, is your business ready? hhimagehost is our online sales system that extends the power and reach of your brand. It is a quick and easy solution for processing online orders and avoiding manual credit card entry, which can lead to failed credit card transactions and turning you into a bill collector.

Best of all, the system is completely automated. Which means you never have to worry about the wrong orders reaching your clients ever again.

Online Pre-Order with hhimagehost

Studio Fulfillment

With the studio fulfillment option, hhimagehost takes the order and processes the payment for you. This solution streamlines the data entry and ensures orders are entered and captured correctly, allowing you to focus on the other parts of the process like inspecting the images, submitting the orders to the lab for processing, and more.

studio fulfillment with hhimagehost
Auto Fulfillment with hhimagehost


This is great for studios that want a more hands-off approach to order fulfillment. In addition, this can be used for second-sale orders as well. With this option, hhimagehost collects the order, processes the payment, and submits the order to the lab for final processing. We strive to make your life that much easier. Yeah, we got you!

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