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6-Week Checklist to a Successful Spring Season

FREE 35+ point checklist from H&H Color Lab where we help you get ready for the spring season.

Are you ready for spring?

Are you, really? At H&H we want to help you have a good spring season and help you grow your business. And yes, we know it’s winter. We know you are so busy that you’re not even sure if your kids remember what you look like. So, we put together a checklist to take the stress out of preparing for spring season—all while you are still taking care of the business you have today. Hope you enjoy.

This checklist will help you prepare for:

Confirm picture dates for spring.

Design & print your spring sports flyers.

Setup hhimagehost online sports price list & events.

Order new picture day samples.

Help you test and check your systems.

Have a successful spring.

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