Sports Sample Kits – everyday reduced pricing

You gotta show it to sell it!

We didn’t make that up, but it’s 100% accurate and every successful studio knows it. It is easy to order sports sample kits using H&H stock images (if you don’t have your own). Show your clients real products to help them envision what they will be buying.

And as an added value, our everyday pricing for our stock sports sample kits is always 30% less than list prices. Order these sample kits using the link below containing 10, 20 or 30 products that use our stock images on some of the most popular products and designs at our everyday reduced pricing – no coupon needed.

Or if you prefer to use your own images, save 30% off your invoice when you add our coupon code at the time you place your custom sample kit order in hhschools or hhstudio software. Regardless of which option you choose enter your email below to see the sample kits and get the coupon code.

Sports Sample Kits – everyday reduced pricing

Whether we’re talking KO or Traditional–all kits are discounted 30% off normal prices. Order 10, 20, or 30 product sports sample kits containing some of the most popular products on the most popular designs using H&H stock images. Or use our 30% off coupon to create your own kit just for you.

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